Al-Mu’min Funeral Services have recognised that the funeral care industry has changed and with that knowledge we have identified that the needs of our clients have also changed. Our Mission is to provide quality funeral service, at a fair and reasonable price. Al-Mu’min Funeral Services believe that every family is eligible for and should receive free information and consultation. Information is knowledge and with helpful information our clients can make wise decisions.

Every family that chooses Al-Mu’min Funeral Services will receive the highest quality funeral service available today. We have personalised the needs and funeral services for many families since our inception in 2004, giving us a vast amount of knowledge and professionalism to serve our clients

We at Al-Mu’min Funeral Services look forward to helping and assisting you at the time of need.

Traditional Islamic funeral services

We provide traditional Islamic funeral services that are designed to honour and respect the deceased and their family’s wishes. Our team works with families to create a personalised funeral service that reflects their loved one’s life and values.

Transportation services for the deceased

We offer transportation services for the deceased to ensure that they are safely and respectfully transported to their final resting place. Our team is experienced in handling all types of transportation, including domestic and international transport.

Preparation of the deceased for burial

We provide Ghusl services to wash and shroud the deceased according to Islamic tradition. Our team is experienced in handling this process with care, respect, and attention to detail.

Worldwide Repatriation Services

We offer repatriation services for families who want to transport their loved one to another country for burial. Our team can handle all the necessary paperwork and arrangements to ensure a smooth and respectful transport process.

Janazah prayer services

We offer Janazah prayer services, which are traditional funeral prayers performed by the Muslim community for the deceased. Our team can help organise and lead the prayer service in accordance with Islamic tradition.

Pre-planning and pre-paid funeral options

We offer pre-planning and pre-paid funeral options for families who want to prepare for the future. Our team can help families make informed decisions about their funeral arrangements and provide financial planning advice.

24/7 availability for support and assistance

We are available 24/7 to provide support and assistance to families during the funeral process. Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate and professional care at all times.

Headstone Services

We provide headstone and monument services to help families create a lasting memorial for their loved one. Our team can guide families through the process of choosing the best option for their needs.

Other Services